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 “Final Surrender 2017”! That is a major caption in my diary. This diary has a record of most things the Lord Jesus Christ told me to do in recent times. I first wrote this caption in 2015, shortly after I had a divine encounter on 23 August 2015. The Lord told me to pioneer a mission for him in two years’ time. He gave me specific instructions about how this mission, which is largely about ‘church planting’, should commence and operate. He also told me to expect more instructions on next steps in the days ahead.

Why the “Final Surrender 2017” caption? A lot of people close to me usually pass remarks about how they admire the way I dedicated myself to the service of God despite being very “busy” in the corporate world as a business advisor. But one thing they may not know is that I did most of the voluntary service without fully surrendering myself to God. I love God and strive to be a better person daily. I have always secretly asked God to use me for anything but never as a ‘church leader, pastor or anything related to leading local assemblies’. I also made sure I did not join the workforce of my church (though I love it and my Pastor) to eliminate the possibility of instinctively growing into such leadership functions. I even went ahead to announce publicly in many forums that I will never be involved in leading local assemblies. Apart from the fact that I was not too comfortable with the state of many local assemblies I see around, I felt so unqualified and incompatible for such. But I know better now.

The Lord is building His church and I should not expect to be very comfortable with a building while it is still under construction. He calls whoever He wills to predetermine tasks and He keeps refining them even as they execute the assigned tasks. I am not to select the area I like to serve but to simply trust Him and do whatever He asks me to do. In fact, over the last 2 years, I have made a monumental shift in my mindset after the encounter of 23 August 2015. I now sing the “I surrender all” song with all of my heart.

This type of ‘divine encounters’ did not start today. I have progressively had them consistently in the last two decades. For instance, I used to run my own company in Northern Nigeria and purposed not to work for anyone, but the Lord told me to go get a job in 2004. I started work in Deloitte Nigeria in 2005 and rose to Partner/Director level in 8 years from entry level. Almost all my major milestone performances at Deloitte were as a result of simple obedience to the leading of God on the extra “wow factor” regarding how to handle day to day tasks at work. Similarly, we started Christ Lifeline Ministry in 2003 and within 10 years, we did many remarkable things by following God’s leading. In fact, I never believed that in my early thirties, we would be organizing impactful conferences and supporting missionaries across 4 continents and also having partners from several countries. Furthermore, I can scarcely identify any major leap in my life that is not traceable to such supernatural encounters.

So the Lord showed up to announce this massive mission that I dreaded so much in the same familiar way He had been communicating other smaller tasks to me that I loved the results and process. It was so difficult to find a place to hide or run to. The last 20 years is filled with a plethora of similar encounters such that denying the 23 August 2015 encounter will mean wiping off more than half of my life experiences. “Wow, yes Lord, I surrender. I will do it. I don’t understand yet but I will yield” … and as I pondered on all these, I did not know when my pen inscribed “Final Surrender 2017” in my diary.

The Lord is indeed gracious and faithful. He will not leave us without a witness. A few weeks after this encounter, over 20 people came to me separately (including some of my pastors in cities I lived in the past) to tell me the Lord would have me embark on this mission. I was pleasantly surprised because I did not tell anyone about it or even confirmed they were right when they told me. I was still keeping the gist to myself. Actually, my wife was the first person to tell me – and she even said it will likely happen in the space of 2 years. Wow! I was so shocked that she was telling me, the then ‘sad news’ which I was struggling to find the best avenue to break to her. What a mighty God we serve! And just as the Lord told my wife, he also ignited a similar fire in the hearts of many (independent of me) and we have started to find ourselves.

In the last 2 years, we have prayed, trained and planned as we downloaded from heaven how this mission should be executed. We have moved from “stupidly wishing the Lord would change his mind” to giving our all for this mission. The gist has transitioned from being a ‘sad news’ to my favourite headline news. We are so passionate about it right now and we are loving every process and every day doing this work. We have put processes and plans in place to ensure that Christ Lifeline Ministry, which is another mission we have been running for 14 years now, continues to thrive despite this new task from the Lord.

It’s going to be a church without walls. We aim to mirror Christ’s pricelessness in every heart, in every homeland. We will do this by attracting people to Christ, inspiring believers to service and equipping them to live an all-around victorious life that is aligned towards heaven. We are raising people that will live as Christ’s treasures on earth, while regarding Him as their No.1 treasure. We are trusting God to extend the work of every believer who has gone ahead of us, even as we make the supernatural our lifestyle. We had our first Sunday service on 6 August 2017 and our official inauguration service is scheduled for 1 October 2017. We are lighting up this missional light in “our Jerusalem” but we have a major apostolic calling to Asia where about half of the world’s population resides. We are going to give this work all it takes … and yes, we mean it.

The name of the ‘church’ is CHRIST TREASURE CENTRE (CTC), and if we are not already around you, we are coming around very soon either physically or digitally. Peradventure the Lord has also been igniting your heart along these lines before now or you can feel that connection as you read this, we will be very privileged to grow and work along with you until Christ is fully formed in our lifestyles. It doesn’t matter where you are based; we currently have members and volunteers in all continents. We are nurturing a family that will transform you into the best God desire for you, while you walk and work with Him daily. Please send me an email (tope@topealadenusi.com) and we can discuss how you can be a part of this mission.

Finally, if you were patient enough to read to this point, please take a few minutes to pray for me and for CTC.

We press on … until the knowledge of the Lord fills all hearts.


Tope S. Aladenusi
Presiding Minister, Christ Treasure Centre

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  1. Ty Ojo-Idowu Reply

    Wow,wow. Glory be 2God in d highest

  2. Ty Ojo-Idowu Reply

    I look forward to walking wt u Sir, distance is not a barrier……..Calabar will never be d same again as a result of dz vision given 2u my senior broda.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Thanks Bro. You have always been encouraging us for over a decade, despite the distance. I will reach out to you privately to discuss a digital impact platform we are building and other areas you can be of support, pending when we physically hit Calabar 😉

  3. Oluwasegun Babatunde Reply


  4. Adekunle Ibrahim Agbaje Reply

    God strengthen you Apostle Tope

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen! Thanks bro.

  5. Funmilayo Reply

    This is good news. I pray for God’s strength for you and your family, never to fail or falter as you journey on this new mission.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Many thanks

  6. Deborah Afolami Reply

    Thank you for yielding to God’s calling and instructions. You are indeed a blessing to the church of God. You are greatly helped in Jesus’ name. Amen

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Thanks sis

  7. Ladun Adebiyi Reply

    Congratulations, Tope. As I told you, I saw another R.W Schambach in the making. I pray The Lord will use you mightily beyond your wildest dreams. So be FOCUSED, and the Lord that has called you will send true helpers to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen. Shalom

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Thanks so much ma. Everything you ever told me came to past; I’m taking this seriously. God rewards you for always being there.

  8. Pastor Rex Reply

    Glory to God. I’m excited about the entire process, the works of years past and the greater works ahead.
    Keep flowing in God’s grace sir. We are with you

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Thanks so much Pastor Rex. Your ministry has been of huge support to us for several years. In almost all our recent Lagos events in Christ Lifeline, your choir team (Streams of Life) traveled from Ijebu Ode to lead praise/worship. We witnessed many testimonies of healings and miracles at these events. Our heart will never forget. Thanks for all your support. God will reward you bountifully!

  9. Mary-Ziggar Lanko Jp. Reply

    To God be all the glory.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply


  10. Raheem Oriyomi Reply

    I have taken time to pray for you sir. You are indeed a man of God sir. Christ Treasure Center will be a center to make fellow believers and lost sheep to get established and prepared to work divinely with you sir until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fills the whole earth.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Thanks Sir. Amen to your declarations. It’s been a while.

  11. Yomi Reply

    May grace be added unto grace. You will not fall, you will not fail.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen and Amen. Thanks sir

  12. Bidi adeyemi Reply

    Awesome Tope!! God bless you. May He uphold and equip you with all that you need to execute this assignment.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Awwwish … Thanks so much ma.

  13. Sammy Reply

    This is awesome. We bless God for you heeding the call.
    I pray Gods wisdom is fully at work in you as you move this assignment to accomplishments in the heart of God.
    Welldone sir

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Thanks Sammy; you have always been there and only God can reward all your sacrifices over the years.

  14. Abosede Reply

    Whao…..more grace Sir…am inspired…total surrender is the way forward

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Thanks so much

  15. Olumide Reply

    Oh Tope, I hope I can come to call you Pastor Tope soon. Well done and God bless your work.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Bros call me Tope abeg … friendship still continues na. Thanks so much

  16. Olumide Reply

    I will be glad to be part of this work and movement.

    I Am still in Lagos and really love to join you. Been stalling for too long

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Glory to God! Excited. Will chat up with you.

  17. Oluwapelumi Oset Reply

    Jesus said the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. Thank you Sir for heeding to the Lords call to launch out on a new platform to propagate the Gospel. My prayer for you Sir is that God will deepen your convictions on the Gospel of our Lord Jesus and cause CTC to be essentially a Gospel driven church.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Thanks so much

  18. Yewande Oshodi Reply

    Congratulations on this major step in obedience to God. He is faithful to complete what he has started….so enjoy the journey. God bless you, all yours and CTC!

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Thanks so much ma for your love and teaching over the years … and for this prayed. Amen and Amen

  19. Aloko Taiwo Reply

    Oh this is good news, I’m so glad

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Thanks. Long time ooooo ….. Where art thou?

  20. Subomi Reply

    This is great news! There’s so much deception in the name of religion in these times and we need true men of God who are passionate about leading people to the Kingdom of Heaven. I celebrate you for heeding to His calling and I have so much faith in what God is set to do through your life and ministry. God bless you!

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. We give God glory who is in charge of his work.

  21. Ronke Reply

    God never leaves or forsake his own. As you have heeded his call, he will continue to show up for you and provide you with the resources and people to populate His kingdom. You are blessed and highly favoured

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Thanks sister. E ku ojo meta

  22. Emmanuel Reply

    Thank God for your understanding and resolve to heed to His call. Stepping down God’s call is stepping down one’s life. He will perfect His work through you.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      hmmmm deep. Thanks … Amen Amen Amen

  23. Oluseyi Reply

    Waoh! Good to hear about the church. May God continue to honor His words in your life.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Many thanks

  24. Doyinsola Reply

    God will uphold you to fulfil this mission and many more. He will walk with you through every path and glorify His name.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Thanks so much

  25. Bolu Reply

    This message is directly to me. No doubt. I have been called and yet I have ignored. I am ready to tap into your anointing by joining your mission. What is the way, Boss?

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Thanks Bolu. I have sent you a personal email.

  26. Precious Chinwendu Isaac Reply

    This Great God is surely ur backbone. He is Omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. Ebenezer is His name. I have also learnt something. God bless you

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Yes he is! Thanks …
      We bless God for the conference we held in Aba in August and next year we trust God for a 3 day event there.

  27. Akanni Oyindamola. Reply

    The good Lord that have started His good work in you,will surely be there to carry u ad to bring it to perfection.I rejoice with You dor this great expansion. sir.It is well in Jesus name.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Longest time. Thanks for your kind words.

  28. Obioma Reply

    May God perfect the good thing he has started. Amen.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amennnnnn. Thanks Sir

  29. Abraham Popogbe Reply

    Really Deep and inspiring. Trusting the Holy Spirit to led you all the way and feel every activity leading to the realization of this purpose even till Jesus comes.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      We believe God. Thanks

  30. Abayomi Odedoyin Reply

    Thank you for accepting the call of God upon your life sir, its certain this movement will birth divine Agenda for the Kingdom. Am glad to be part of this assignment. I call you blessed sir

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Thanks bro. Glad to have you onboard. The task is big, and the Lord rewards every laborer like you.

  31. Tosin Adeyemo Reply

    Glory to God who knows the end from the beginning! You were definitely called to the world; your words, teachings and success are a constant propeller to us and we know the world is so blessed to have you answer this call of God at such a time as this. I love this family of God! #CTC

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Many thanks Sis. We trust God to keep doing only what him can do.

  32. Abayomi Moses Oyebamiji Reply

    God bless you sir. He who has started the good work in you will surely help and strengthen you for the journey ahead. Amen.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen! I believe.
      Good to hear from you bro. Been some time. Thanks a bunch

  33. Iyabode K. Agbejule Reply

    Thank God for the Lord is good. God will increase you spiritually in Jesus Name. Amen more to come. God bless you.

    • Tope Aladenusi Reply

      Amen. Thanks so much ma.

  34. Akin Adekoya Reply

    Thank God for HIS LEADING. God Almighty shall continually enlarge your coast more and more in Jesus Name.

    I always remembered when we meet in 2006, your humility and ready to learn attitude wowed me, i have never seen that in any external auditor in my entire career history.

    You are truly divine. May God give me such In Jesus Name

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