The days of the supernatural are here …

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Last Saturday we had the Lagos Believers Conference (LBC) and it was such an awesome time in God’s presence. The Word was very enriching and stirred the hearts of many in the right direction. We experienced intense worship of the Most High God and witnessed His ‘move’ in our midst. Many openly shared testimonies of how they received instant healing at the event. All Glory to God. Hallelujah!

The following day, a friend who attended the LBC said to me – “I must confess that if not because I know you as a person of integrity, I would have concluded that those testimonies and words of knowledge were arranged / stage-managed. I just found it mind blowing that you could mention the exact cases people were going through and they walked to the altar to testify of instant healing”.

Interestingly that was not the first time I was hearing such statement! About 5 years ago, a family member attended one of our conferences and at the end of the event, she said to me – “I used to see all these miracle things on TV and I thought they were fake. But seeing you do them, I am having a re-think because I know the type of person you are. But how are you able to know and do such things?”

What baffles me about these two occasions is that these people are also believers, and I kept asking myself, why would believers think miracles or the supernatural is a big thing? How can we claim Jesus Christ is alive, and He will not do today what He did in Bible times? Didn’t Jesus say in John 14:12 that we are wired to do greater works than He did? How can we say “in Him we live, move and have our being” and the supernatural is not natural with us? Isn’t that a paradox? Why should it be absurd to see a sickness that the doctor claimed will lead to death suddenly disappear by the laying of hands of the believer? Are we not dealing with God who is the creator? If He is indeed the creator, is it difficult for Him to instantly create a new heart, lung, liver, kidney, leg, finger or ear?

I hear there are many fake miracles and I am not trying to dispute that because anything that is real is likely to have fakes, but I choose to believe the Word. We have not seen anything yet. God is raising many people who will choose to simply believe Him and bring salvation, healing and deliverance to others. The days of miracles lighting up our streets like streetlights are here; The days of believers solving complex problems by supernatural insights have come. What we have seen so far is very little compared to what God will do in our generation. We will not only walk in the supernatural but we will teach others how simple it is to make the supernatural their lifestyle. The days of the supernatural are here! Watch out!


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