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It is so amazing that God’s affirmations are not dependent on man’s proclamations. The word ‘opportunity’, often times when used by man, is heralded as something that can only show up ones and when not maximized, it fades into oblivion. This belief has made believers to continue in sin, businesses to fold up, students and professionals to settle for average and dreams to become nightmares. This is because of the general mindset that your first attempt should be and bring the best.

With God, it’s a different ball game. Proverbs 24:16 (NIV) says “for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again”. ‘Whhoosshh!’ That man fumbles with the opportunity to be righteous seven bright times, but God was right on time, to present another. Jonah abused his first opportunity to preach to the people of Nineveh, but God gave him another. Peter denied Jesus thrice, but he later became a great apostle. Even brother Samson was given another opportunity to destroy the Philistines. I only know of Judas Iscariot, who after betraying Jesus, did not dare to believe there could be a ‘next opportunity’, and being burdened by guilt, he went and hung himself.

Although we may not have hung ourselves physically, but most times we hang our potentials, creativity, love, service, talents, gifts, trust, help, good works and desire for success. We try to judge the future with the past and feel if we couldn’t make it yesterday despite our rigorous effort, there is no assurance that we’ll make it today/tomorrow. That’s the devil’s lie and it is not meant for your consumption.

Are you currently comfortable with sin because you feel it is impossible for you to display righteousness? Did you narrowly lost a job/contract? Did you ever fail an exam you don’t have the courage to face again? Did you ever take a bold step into loss in your business? Have you been jilted before and you’ve vowed never to love again? Have you misused and abused the opportunity to be a blessing to people in time past? Please don’t go the way of Judas Iscariot, because God is bringing another bigger and better opportunity to you and you can still be a victor where you were once a victim.

Although God doesn’t expect you to handle today’s opportunities with a slack hand under the umbrella that another will show up, of course that will mean settling for foolishness, but one thing is certain: He is bringing another opportunity for you to display righteousness where you’ve sinned before; to succeed where you have failed; to rise where you’ve fallen; to be a victor where you were once a victim. When it comes, give your best possible to maximize it. Your next attempt could be the best you desire.


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